Outdoor Activities: Via Francigena, Across Tuscany


The work has been designed as a travel reportage, across the Tuscan stages of the Via Francigena, from Pontremoli to Radicofani.

The Via Francigena is the common name of an ancient road and pilgrim route running from France to Rome, though it is usually considered to have its starting point much further away, in the English cathedral city of Canterbury. As such, the route passes through England, France, Switzerland and Italy. The route was known in Italy as the “Via Francigena” [“the road that comes from France”].
In mediaeval times it was an important road and pilgrimage route for those wishing to visit the Holy See and the tombs of the apostles Peter and Paul.

+ Written and Directed by Alessandro Brucini
+ DoP / Drone Operator: Andrea Faggi
+ Music by Jill Zimmerman
+ Camera Operator: Alessio Bellini
+ Steadicam Operator: Daniele Zucchini
+ Editor / Colorist: Alessandro Brucini
+ Executive Producer: Andrea Faggi

+ In order of Appearance:
Alice Funghi, Vittoria Becchetti, Marina Trova,
Gabriele Giannoni, Lorenzo Giannoni, Stefano Nanni,
Alessandro Poli, Mihaela Moroe, Andrea Bocelli,
Deborah Zuccagnoli, Manuel Menichellli, Lisa Fontani,
Massimiliano Berton, Edi Ferrari,
Antonio Ciro, Vincenzo Vaccaro

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