Filumè – Una Voce e Mille Pensieri ·[it] TRAILER


Dummì and Filumè lived together for 26 years as husband and wife (but with him frequently having trysts with other women) and she has tricked him, pretending to be near death, and convincing him to marry her in extremis. Dummì, however, would rather marry Diana, a young girl, who is already in the house pretending to be a nurse. Filumè reveals the real reason for the marriage to Dummì: she wants to create a family for her three children who have no idea of who their mother really is.

+ Video Director: Alessandro Brucini
+ Theater Director: Mario Matteoli
+ Emotional Consultant: Laura Bonocore
+ Sound and Lighting: Matteo Parenti, Cristina Giudici
+ Cinematographers: Alessandro Brucini, Giacomo Macaluso
+ Editor: Alessandro Brucini
+ Executive Producer: Alessandro Brucini

+ Filumè: Franco Di Corcia Jr.

(cc) MMXV AleVisual – I Pensieri di Bo