Intern’l Panorama of Independent Film&Video (Sep 2007) – Patras, Greece * Official Selection
VideoFormes _ Video e New Media in Contemporary Art (Mar 2007) – Clermont-Ferrand, France * Out of Competition
Images Contre Nature _ Intern’l Festival of Experimental Video (Jun 2006) – Marseille, France * Out of Competition
Conflitti _ Architettura Contemporanea in Italia (Dec 2005) – Salerno, Italy * Commissioned for


The work is based on the video of the installation “Verde e Cemento” [“Green and Cement”], a part of the exhibition “Conflitti – Architettura Contemporanea in Italia” [“Conflicts – Contemporary Architecture in Italy”]. The first time in Salerno, in December 2005.

Architectural projects from Polytechnic of Milan, designed with the aim of integration in a natural landscape, were presented.

The tree in the wind interprets the movement of the soundtrack, which is built around the meeting of city noises and sounds in nature.

+ Concept: Studio Cecchi&Lima
+ Sound design: Alessandro De Francesco
+ Shooting, Editing, Visual FX: Alessandro Brucini

(c) MMVI AleVisual – Studio Cecchi&Lima